About Adrielle

5Adrielle was born and raised in Cameroon, located in central Africa. She left her country at a young age to study in Germany and also lived in Canada. She now resides in the US with her husband Paul and three beautiful kids.

“Music has always been a part of my life,” says the bubbly Adrielle. “I come from a family of artists and musicians and my father being my mentor. He taught me how to sing and took me to be part of a choir when I was 8 years old. I have fallen in love with singing and always wanted to be a singer ever since.”

Adrielle surrendered her life to Jesus in 1998 and decided to love Him with all her heart. She also decided to serve Him especially in the music ministry.

“I’m part of my local church and I’m one of their worship leaders and keyboardist for about 9 years. I’ve recently started writing songs and I’m always trying to better my skills by attending worship schools and conferences.”

Her producer, Eric Copeland, president of Creative Soul Records in Nashville, TN agrees. “I am very impressed by Adrielle’s natural songwriting and signing ability. It comes solely from her heart and from her soul, and that is rare to see.”

But just growing and serving wasn’t enough for this talented lady.

“I’ve always thought it’s enough to serve God just in the church until I realized that God has called me to bless the world with whatever he has put in me. In my quest of trying to find out how to do it, I met Eric Copeland, a dynamic producer, musician and songwriter, through a good friend of mine who helped me bring out my first album “Arise and Shine”.

“The message I’m trying to pass along is it doesn’t matter where you from or what you’ve been through, God has created you for greatness. Now it’s the time to dream big and realize those dreams that are on the inside. My desire is to see the body of Christ from every nation, every people, every tongue coming together as one and worshipping the King of Kings with all that we have because He is worthy!